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Koko Mee

Nesso Mushroom Table Lamp

Nesso Mushroom Table Lamp

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Experience the allure of the Nesso Classic Table Lamp - an embodiment of inviting warmth that elevates any space with its amber glow. Blending modern design with Italian classicism, this lamp radiates a cozy light reminiscent of natural sunlight, infusing comfort, and elegance into your surroundings. Its versatility in accommodating various light sources ensures consistent enchantment, capable of illuminating the entire room with its four bulbs. Powerful and energy-efficient, it promises both brilliance and cost savings. Crafted exclusively by Casa Alce, the Nesso Classic Table Lamp boasts a vibrant orange hue that adds personality, elevating your interior decor and leaving a lasting impression on all who step into your space.

Material: ABS + acrylic Power: 6-10W Voltage: 110V-220V Light socket type: E14 Number of required bulbs: 1 to 4 (not included)

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